Ciarrocchi Bakery

San Benedetto del Tronto (AP) – Italy

The King of the puffed cakes
In 2011, a few meters away from San Benedetto del Tronto seafront, opened a new bright and lovely boutique bakery, rich in passion and positive attitude thanks to the shared managment of Enrico and his wife Daniela.

Enrico Ciarrocchi is one of the first bakers who believed in the artisanal production of puffed cakes and no fried snacks. Immediately after we attended SIGEP-AB TECH for the first time in 2015, Enrico bought his first press MRC4/T to create his “Clouds”: crunchy fancy snacks completely natural, gluten-free, without fat and yeast, and last but not least, strictly not fried!

«After these 5 years, our snacks are still a much appreciated product by our customers, especially during the warm season when everybody is more attentive to the body shape. For some of them our snacks are a daily need, on the other hand there are also clients who pop by purposely just to taste them.»

Panificio Ciarrocchi
Panificio Ciarrocchi
Panificio Ciarrocchi

Enrico Ciarrocchi

“We have chosen the presses Bake Italy MRC series both because it was an absolute novelty , and because I like to surf the increasingly growing wave of the bred replacers”.

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