Daily Bread Bakery

San Sebastiano al Vesuvio (NA) – Italy

Panificio Daily Bread
The Bakery’s added value

In the coloured and romantic city of Naples by the famous Vesuvio volcan, at the Daily Bread bakery you will find the most fragrant and tasty bakery products , thanks to the creativity, the expertise and the passion of Alfredo Accorsi and his team.

Daily Bread offers a wide choice of products which have as common denominator the quality and the continuos research for new proposals. The products offered satisfy the request of tradition and innovation; in fact by the traditional wooden oven cooked bread you will find for example curcuma flavoured grissini, or freselle with special grains and chia seeds.

Last year, Daily Bread introduced the Bake Italy MRC Press to offer to its customers freshly baked fragrant cereal cakes, studying its own recipes with quality ingredients and creativity.

Gallette riso
Panificio Daily Bread

Alfredo Accorsi

“Those who enter while we are producing the cakes are taken aback by the tempting fragrance of our artisanal cereal cakes”.

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