Fratelli Prina Bakery

Melzo (MI) – Italy

Ambrogio Prina
Health and wellness snacks

The Fratelli Prina Bakery located in Melzo offers to its customers a wide variety of bakery products studied to get the best from tradition while keeping an eye on modern ideas and opportunities.

In Ambrogio’s bakery you can find his famous creation the “weekend loaf” a traditional bread with 3 days leavining through sourdough, and with peculiar cuts that make it special for the eyes too, and that is produced on Saturdays only.

At the same time, you will surely notice on the shelves a variety of PriSnack, light , tasty, crunchy, suitable at any time of the day; they are produced and packed daily, with different ingredients and different tastes.

Ambrogio is among the pioneers of the cereal cakes and snacks, he bought the first Bake Italy MRC press in 2017 and he developed during the years his own recipes, he created a logo and a customized packaging to satisfy not only his direct clients needs, but also the holiday farmhouses and gyms who sells them: infact the PriSnacks are gluten free, yeast free, fat free, non fried and made by simple carbohydrates.


Ambrogio Prina

“Prisnak, the name and the logo are my own idea, is versatile, handy, crunchy a tasty morsel at any time of the day; thanks to its packaging it can perfectly fit in any bag or in the backpack”.

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