Keple Bakery

Asiago (VI) – Italy

Fratelli Bonomo
The Keples’ new generation

The Keple’s Bakery started its activity in 1826,it has been through almost 2 centuries of historical and social changes, and has been handed down from generation to generation. Today it is in the hands of the young brothers Pietro and Alberto, who have clear ideas about how to carry on and develop the family activity.

At the Keple’s Bakery in addition to the classic bread, pizza, focaccia and bread sticks you can find their special bread with nettles (the Sunday bread), bread with aloe, as well as fresh pastries, much appreciated in their café.

Sensitive to the many demands for light, organic and gluten-free products have just bought the press MRC 4/T to produce light, healthy, non-fried snacks, to be offered tasty but, why not, also sweet if covered with chocolate.

Panificio Keple
Panificio Keple
Panificio Bonomo
Fratelli Bonomo

Pietro and Alberto Bonomo

“The snacks are really delicious when savoury and also when covered with chocolate; we really think that they are the right product to reach a wider number of customers who are looking for organic and gluten free food”.

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