Lemayr Bakery

Bolzano (BZ)

Technology and logistics:
here’s the new craftsman

Deeply rooted in its territory’s artisanal tradition surrounded by the magnificent Dolomiti, meet the Pellegrini family, who is driving this ancient activity towards the future with a careful use of innovation and technology.

It all started as a simple bakery in 1801 and thanks to their experience and the wise use of technologies they started to expand; today there are about 27 shops in the region of Trentino Alto Adige.

At the Leymar Bakery you will always find top quality ingredients, bred is given the necessary time for natural leavening and no additives are used for the production. Within this context of quality and innovation, perfectly fit the cereal cakes and snacks produced with the Bake Italy presses series MRC, as they meet the constantly increasing demand of healthy, non-fried and gluten free products.

Panificio Lemayr
Panificio Lemayr
Panificio Lemayr

Andreas Pellegrini

“Bake Italy by Re Pietro technology meets our philosophy being simple but efficient, and offering an artisanal quality product”.

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