Spiga d’Oro Bakery

Alcamo (TP) – Italy

Panificio Spiga d'Oro
Bringing tradition and innovation together

The pride of Spiga D’Oro Bakery is its capability to keep alive the best traditions while daring to dive into innovation.

Davide, his brother in law Paolo and their wifes are a tight-knit team: they have decided to complement their traditional production of bread baked in a cupa stone oven fed by almond peels to get a natural flavouring, with our Bake Italy press MRC1/90C.

«I have always kept an eye on the marketplace changes. For this reason I always visit Sigep, and it was during this exhibitions that I have seen Re Pietro presses for puffing machines for the first time».

Gallette Bake Italy
Davide Piazza
Gallette Bake Italy
Davide Piazza

Davide Piazza

“I often bring our MRC press to fairs or to events, and whoever tastes our fragrant freshly baked puffed cakes goes speechless”.

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